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Ultimate Coaching Kits: The Ultimate Frisbee Sports Coaching, Training, Strategy, Tactics Aid!

Why you need an Ultimate Coaching Kit?

  • Do you have trouble teaching new players how to stack, cut and clearout?
  • Are water bottles, backpacks and smelly cleats used to teach field positioning?
  • Does your dump and swing really stink?
  • Could your entire team benefit from improved field sense?
  • Do you wish your team would experiment with more complex and unique strategies?

You need an Ultimate Coaching Kit! The greatest portable tool to coach and visually instruct players in the strategies and tactics used in the growing sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

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What's Included?

  • A flexible miniature sport playing surface
  • A small velveteen draw-string bag
  • 10 opaque glass 'Home' team tokens
  • 10 opaque glass 'Visiting' team tokens
  • 2 white glass game disk tokens
  • One portable bright yellow storage tube

How it Works?

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The entire Ultimate Coaching Kit is easily stored and transported within the portable yellow tube. The flexible miniature sport playing surface unfurls from the tube and quickly settles flat on the grass at the field. This miniature surface is actually quite large - roughly 3 feet long by 14 inches wide. It is imprinted with accurate Ultimate Sport field markings and "Home" and "Away" labels. There is plenty of room for the entire team to huddle around and view the lessons. The tokens are quickly set-up and easily maneuvered on this surface by the coach(s) to instruct the team in the various positioning and pattern movements for the sport of Ultimate.

  1. Ultimate Coaching Kits are great for planned training practices, quick lessons before the game, half time analysis, and quick time-out play formulation.
  2. Ultimate players learn rapidly and properly with Ultimate Coaching Kits; having the entire top-view Ultimate sports field available during the lesson helps build field sense for the strategies reviewed.
  3. All Ultimate Coaching Kits are portable, durable, and the playing surface and tokens are waterproof; your team will benefit from it's use for countless seasons.
  4. For a paltry few dollars per player your team could have it's very own Ultimate Coaching Kit today. That costs less than a ½ pint of beer!

Your team can't afford to be without Ultimate Coaching Kits
So Order one today!
-- Your competition already has.

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