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Ultimate Coaching Kits Testimonials


We used an Ultimate Coaching Kit every game last season and our team Paparazzi won the league championship. It was no coincidence!

Edmonton, Alberta.

Kyle Kasawski -- Edmonton Ultimate Association

I received one of those fantastic Ultimate Coaching Kits last year and now I think every captain in the Edmonton Ultimate Summer league should have one.

Edmonton, Alberta.

Leagues Using Ultimate Coaching Kits

  1. AFDA (Australian Flying Disc Assoc)
  2. Edmonton Ultimate Players Association
  3. Montreal Ultimate Association
  4. Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association Youth League
  5. Halifax Ultimate League
Every team in the Edmonton and Halifax Ultimate Leagues receives an Ultimate Coaching Kit with registration.

Teams Using Ultimate Coaching Kits

  1. The Fabulous Flying Flamingoes -- Ottawa, Ontario
  2. Bovine Intervention -- Madison, NJ (Drew University's Women's Team)
  3. Rainbow Trouts -- Ottawa, Ontario
  4. Who's Your Daddy -- Ottawa, Ontario
  5. Hawaiian Foreplay -- Edmonton, Alberta
  6. Pick One -- Ottawa, Ontario
  7. Canmore Pickup League -- Canmore, Alberta
  8. Drastic Plastic -- Ottawa, Ontario
  9. Capitol Punishment -- Ottawa, Ontario
  10. 7-11 -- Ottawa, Ontario
  11. Bullets -- Ottawa, Ontario
  12. I Want the Pogne -- Ottawa, Ontario

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